Indiana Business for Responsive Government (IBRG) is the Indiana Chamber's non-partisan political action committee. IBRG is the business community's most sophisticated and comprehensive political action committee for electing pro-business legislators to the Indiana General Assembly.

Mission Statement

To aid in the election of candidates to the Indiana General Assembly whose legislative voting records and/or positions on business-related legislation will enhance the Indiana General Assembly's commitment to a favorable business climate.

Record of Success

For the past two decades IBRG, has been a key player in state legislative elections. Since 1990, IBRG has endorsed over 800 candidates for the Indiana House and Senate, with an overall success rate of over 85%. In the 2012 elections, over 93% of endorsed candidates won election.

How is IBRG unique?

  • IBRG focuses primarily electing pro-business candidates to the General Assembly and protecting pro-business legislators, as opposed to "buying access" to incumbents.
  • IBRG utilizes the most sophisticated research and polling techniques to focus contributions on crucial races where a pro-business impact is needed.
  • Every dollar of the contributions goes directly to winning races. Contributions are not used for salaries or administrative expenses of IBRG.
  • IBRG maximizes the effectiveness of every dollar contributed by having the professional, experienced political campaign staff delivering vital campaign support to pro-business candidates.
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