About IBRG

Indiana Business for Responsive Government (IBRG) is the Indiana Chamber's non-partisan political action committee. IBRG is the state’s largest, most sophisticated and most successful political action committee for electing pro-business legislators to the Indiana General Assembly.

Unlike most business political action committees, IBRG doesn't focus on "buying access" to incumbents and picking the winners. IBRG focuses on the tough races, including primary and general election challengers to incumbents who do not support pro-jobs, pro-growth issues. SInce 1990, nearly 90% of IBRG-backed candidates have won their races and IBRG has helped to unseat 41 incumbents.

IBRG is governed by a volunteer Policy Group committee, which reviews candidates, campaign strategies and research to make decisions on candidate endorsements and resource targeting. A professional staff team works directly with endorsed candidates, providing a variety of campaign management services to maximize the impact of every dollar invested in targeted races.

Mission Statement.

To aid in the election of candidates to the Indiana General Assembly whose legislative voting records and/or positions on business-related legislation will enhance the Indiana General Assembly's commitment to a favorable business and economic climate.

Record of Success.

Since 1990, nearly 90% of IBRG-endorsed candidates have won their races and a total of 41 incumbents have been defeated by IBRG-endorsed challengers in that time.


IBRG is governed by a Policy Group committee of business leaders who evaluate candidates, strategies and decide candidate endorsements and strategies.