Investing in IBRG is the most effective thing you can do to help elect thoughtful, free-enterprise minded state legislative candidates. If you want to promote our state’s future and protect your business from outrageous, costly, a job-killing legislation – electing people who understand these issues and focus on promoting economic growth and prosperity is key.

Who can invest in IBRG?

IBRG only endorses and provides financial support and services to state legislative candidates. Indiana campaign finance law allows IBRG to accept contributions from individuals, corporations (with limits on total contributions), LLCs, partnerships, and other PACs.

While IBRG does not get involved in federal/congressional campaigns, the Indiana Chamber Congressional Action Committee (ICCAC) does. ICCAC is a separate PAC and operates under federal campaign finance laws. For more information.

The Eagle Program

Major donors to IBRG receive various special recognition and benefits as part of the Eagles Program.

$ or more Torchbearer
$10,000- Platinum Eagle
$5,000- Golden Eagle
$2,500- Double Eagle
$1,250- Eagle