06 Nov 2018

2018 General Elections Report

94.5% of IBRG-backed candidates win. After a tumultuous and major election effort, the Indiana House and Senate seats results are in (pending some surprise last minute vote changes). The GOP lost three (3) seats in the House and one in the Senate, resulting in a largely status quo final outcome on balance. The full report in PDF format, including race by race election results and more, is available for download:

2018 General Election Report by IBRG (update15)

22 Jun 2017

2017 Legislative Vote Analysis

This publication is produced after every legislative session and details the pro-economy, pro-jobs voting records for state lawmakers. Bills (and select amendments) used in the report were chosen based on their significant impact to the state’s economic climate and workforce.

Lawmakers are kept apprised of the Indiana Chamber position and reasoning on these bills through various communications during the legislative session – and prior to key votes being taken. Only floor votes for which there is a public record are used in the Legislative Vote Analysis.

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Section Highlights:

Legislator scores – Quick Reference Guide
Legislation included
Priority legislation descriptions

09 Nov 2016

2016 General Election Report

Indiana Business for Responsive Government (IBRG), the non-partisan political action program of
the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, scored a very successful general election. 57 of 59 IBRGendorsed
candidates facing opposition were victorious, including Republicans and Democrats.
Twenty (20) additional endorsed candidates did not face general election challenges.

Eleven (11) new legislators won with IBRG-endorsements. IBRG was significantly-engaged in
support of five (5) top-target candidates in open-seat races, as well as successfully defending six
(6) pro-economy incumbents seriously challenged with defeat.

Election Report – 2016 General Election

03 May 2016

Election success for IBRG candidates

In the biggest primary election cycle in a generation for Indiana legislative races, the Indiana Chamber’s non-partisan political program, Indiana Business for Responsive Government (IBRG), has scored major victories in state legislative and congressional primary elections! 18 of 22 IBRG-backed state legislative candidates were victorious. Also, Chamber-backed congressional candidates won in 6 of 6 races, including the major win of Todd Young for the U.S. Senate.

IBRG 2016 Primary Election Report